Thursday, June 3, 2010

Immigration Reform

Since it is in the news so much lately it is time for The Department of Common Sense to tackle this issue.

1. Build a wall across our entire southern border.
2. Fine employers who hire illegals.
3. Create a simple path to legal citizenship.
4. Create a tax structure that recognizes the benefits that a person gets from citizenship and requires people to earn it. ( No free rides )
5. New citizens will be probationary for ten years.
6. Discourage illegal immigration.

1. Build a wall,
We all know that there is a problem with illegal immigrants at the border. A fence is very easy to get around but not an adobe brick wall. Free building materials to make adobe brick are all along our border with Mexico. Why not take all the leftover FEMA trailers from Katrina, spread them out along the border and let immigrants move in them and earn their legal citizenship ?
Provide them with food ( we are already doing this with millions of illegal immigrants ) and let them build their own section of the wall with adobe bricks. I am thinking something about as big and thick as the Great Wall of China. Seems like a win/win to me. We get a great border control tool and immigrants truly earn their citizenship. Working on the wall would earn the new citizen the right to be taxed normally but they would still have to meet other requirements I will touch on later.

2.Fine employers,
I am thinking something along the lines of $50,000 fine per illegal.
$40,000 paid by the company and $10,000 paid by the employee that hired the illegal.
I know the argument that some employers don't know , I will address that later as well.

3. Simple path to citizenship,
One year work visa's will be given to just about anyone that wants one. You can only get one in your life and after the year is up you must become a citizen or go back to your country.
To earn citizenship a person must demonstrate a mastery of the English language.
They must also demonstrate knowledge of American History and a willingness to adhere to the values and principles this country was founded on.
With this in place an employers will know that an employee will have to have a mastery of our language or a green card in order to work. Yes it is possible that an illegal would have a mastery of our language and on the rare occasion that happens the employer would not be fined.

4.Tax structure,
Lets face it , this is the best country on earth and if you want to come here you have to earn it.
New citizens will be taxed $10,000 per year or 40% of their income ( whichever is greater) for 10 years after that they will have earned their citizenship completely.

5. Probationary period,
While here on a work visa or probationary citizenship any felony conviction will result in immediate deportation.
Failure to pay the probationary citizenship income tax will result in immediate deportation.

6. Discourage illegal immigration,
It is already established in other laws that assets gained from illegal activity will be seized. We should do the same with illegals.
If you are caught in this country illegally the government will take everything you have before they deport you. Cash, cars, jewelry , everything but the clothes on your back. Might also be a good idea to pick a good remote desert site for our deportation depot. Remember we want to discourage people from coming here illegally.

That is all I have for now but I think it is a good start and addresses most major concerns around this issue.