Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Waste, Fraud and Abuse !

Well it looks like the Republicans are going to have a pretty good night tonight. We all know that trying to get real conservative things passed even if Conservatives win big in 2010 will be hard. There is one thing that Conservatives should focus on that is popular with the people; stopping waste, fraud and abuse. Just look at the Acorn videos recently and the $100+ hammers and toilet seats stories from the 80's. Considering that the only thing our government really excels at is waste,fraud and abuse there should be plenty of things ripe for the picking.
I do have a new spin on this that will make it even more popular. Give people commission on what they find. Let's say you find your local public works dept paying $150 for an oil change from their "approved" mechanic. We all know you can get an oil change for around $25 if not cheaper. You turn that in and get 10% of what the government would have overspent on those oil changes for the next year. Think about it, it is a win all the way around. News media will run the story giving good press for politicians pushing the initiative, citizens will get excited about turning things in because they will get a cut,and all along we are trimming our government spending. As a bonus I think it might even make more people excited about the political process as they will see that the people they elected are really interested n cleaning things up instead of protecting the kickbacks they get from all the waste, fraud and abuse.

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