Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Bank teller fired for doing his duty

For those of you that have not seen the story a bank teller lost his job for stopping a bank robber.
Yes, I understand that he violated bank policy by doing it.
What really bothers me is why is that bank policy ?
It just makes no sense why a bank or any business would have a policy that says please come rob me I will give you freely anything you want.
I assume the reason for these types of policies is because of lawsuits which is something you will see me discuss in another post later.
What really bothers me is people's attitudes about this type of thing.
My first reaction was great job and how dare this bank for firing him.
After discussing it with others their reactions shocked me.
Let's take a look at a few of them.

1. How dare he do that , he had no right to put other people in that bank in danger.
Seriously ?! The bank robber put those people in danger. That teller had a right to defend himself and a civic duty to stop a robbery in progress.
2. That money is insured by FDIC why put people in danger ?
As far as danger see answer to #1 on the insurance , who do you think pays that insurance ? Do you not realize that every time insurance has to pay out a claim all of our costs go up ? Lets not forget that this guy would have probably done it again or maybe something worse had he not been stopped by this brave employee.
3. Most of the time a robber doesn't want to hurt you it is only when people try to resist that they get hurt. Or along the same lines and this if from the cop interviewed in the article; it is always better to be a good witness.

We are being raised as a nation of helpless cowards. Taught from early on go get an authority figure to protect you.
I have news for you people and this has been upheld by The Supreme Court , the police have NO obligation to protect you and no matter how hard they try there is little chance when you really need them that one will be around in time to protect you.
I always think back to the New York subway killings a few years ago whenever something like this comes up.
A man walked down a crowded NYC subway car killing people stopping to reload and nobody did a thing about it. At least when he stopped to reload you would think someone would have got up and tackled they guy but they didn't.
This type of situation is a direct result of years of indoctrination telling us to just curl up and wait for help.
We are not capable of handling anything ourselves and need the nanny state to come rescue of from every problem.
Stand up people remember your right to defend yourself.
I only hope that Jim Nicholson ( the bank teller ) is recognized for his courage and picked up by a business owner who wants an employee that cares about his job and his community.

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