Sunday, May 10, 2009

War on Poverty

We as a nation spend billions on welfare public housing and food stamps every year.
What do we get for our money ? A few people that need help get it but for the most part we have generations breeding more generations to be dependant on a handout to live. Our public housing are drug infested cesspools that do nobody any good.
Let's see what a little common sense could do for this problem.
1.Mandatory drug testing for all family members on welfare food stamps or public housing. If you have money for drugs you don't need my money. Fail one drug test and no more of money for you ever. Don't want to be tested for drugs ? Fine you don't have to just don't ask taxpayers to take care of you.
2.Public housing is housing that taxpayers pay for. Most housing projects have cops or security on staff. Random and frequent searches for drugs, stolen property or any other illegal activity should be a regular occurence. Don't want your apartment searched on a regular basis ? Fine , pay your own bills.
3. If you are on government assistance then birth control should be mandatory. If you are on it for over a year then it should be of the surgical variety. Don't like that ? Don't come to taxpayers and say you can't feed your kids and expect us to keep paying for you to be a baby factory.
I think all of these are great ideas but if we instituted just one I think we would see a drastic improvement in the problems of public housing, welfare and food stamps.

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  1. Agreed.

    I think we could even go further and use the existing taxes to recruit the homeless into a militaristic rehabilitation, providing work, food, and basic healthcare needs. For a decided amount of time, until they can find their way of living beyond the streets.
    As brutal and inhumane as it sounds, if they cannot improve themselves, they should be destroyed, because they will only be a detriment to society in the long run.