Saturday, March 7, 2009

Stockpile of Machine Guns and explosives near Nuclear Power Plant

According to the Arkansas Times

Randeep Singh Mann of Russellville was taken into federal custody Wednesday after explosives found buried in a field matched explosives found in his garage.
On Tuesday, the Pope County Sheriff's Office responded to a call by London city employees who'd found buried in a plastic bag in a field a munitions canister containing 98 grenades -- 40mm HE, M406 rounds -- and an M781 practice round. The grenades were designed to be fired from an M79 or M203 grenade launcher. The location was 875 feet from Mann's home, the complaint says.

Below is a map of the house you will notice the smokestacks behind the house , that is a Nuclear Reactor !
800 meters away from the house !!!!

WHY is anyone allowed to live that close to this facility ?!

Just a terrorist attack waiting to happen and NOBODY in the media will even cover this part of the story, I guess investigative journalism is gone.

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